when a guy is hot and makes u thirsty
Damn! Hayes is so drinkable.
by bob1234567891 October 10, 2014
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To go with the flow; to accept things you cannot change. <i>root: Henry Rollins spoken word, in which he refers to a sign above a Japanese hotel sink with the words "Be drinkable" (badly translated but meaning that it was safe to drink). He later uses it as an expression to be less apprehensive about unexpected or unpleasant things.</i>
"I am so pissed! My shoe got untied and I tripped over the lace in front of a hot girl!"

"Dude, be drinkable."

by motleycupcake September 26, 2006
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A poorly made beer that is mass produced and is watered down. This cross between an adjective and an adverb is used as a marketing scheme to get people who are not looking for flavor in beer, but simply want to guzzle down this pathetic excuse of "beer" so they can get drunk off of a pilsner that only has 3 percent alcohol by volume. Thus, a "beer" with this kind of label is without flavor and character and should not be consumed by humans who have dignity.
The best part about Bud Light is that it has "superior drinkability" so you don't have to taste the urine for very long as you chug it.
by Razzmatazzz March 7, 2010
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An individual whose level of attractiveness increases exponentially with the amount of alcohol consumed.
As the night progressed and the number of drinks consumed by Joe "the Plumber" grew exponentially, Barracuda, who at the beginning of the night may have passed for a 6, now looked like a 9. She was now drinkable...
by The Original Drinkable October 29, 2008
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An individual whose level of attractiveness increases exponentially with the amount of alcohol consumed.
-"Dude, what do you think of that girl."
-"Don't think I'd hook up with her while sober, but after a few drinks she will definitely be drinkable material."
by ayg2 November 14, 2008
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Word used to describe how suitable a beverage is for consumption;
an adjective evaluating how smooth and easy-to-drink a beverage is.
"The superior drinkability of Bud Light with a splash of 100% natural lime flavor."
-Bud Light Lime Commercial

Grey Goose Vodka's drinkability is much better than Barton's Vodka.
by Jamison C. July 12, 2008
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The not only taste good but is easy to drink. Does Not fill you up or make you feel full!
Man this Coors Light has Drinkability!
by DarkCaution March 24, 2011
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