250 definition by Brendan

Long Range Forecast.
What's the TWO lrf looking like for that period?
by brendan March 01, 2005

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A perceptible object, especially cylindical and functioning as a passage
The brown thing that appears when the toilet roll is no more
by Brendan October 06, 2003

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Parody of the name of rapper Slim Shady (Marshall Mathers) used by people who think he is simply a fake ass white boy.
''Hi my name is, Slimpenis''
by Brendan April 05, 2003

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A musical instrument played by people in the special department that ride the short bus to school.
by Brendan October 04, 2003

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Scot's variation of "what".
"Wit wir you sayin just thir ya big daft numpty cloon heed ye?"
by brendan August 21, 2004

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To change the atmosphere for the better.
"Everyone was having a good time then he came on and just set it off"
by brendan May 30, 2004

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Bodybuilder's jargon for legs.
You got some big ass wheels mate, you must squat 200kgs right!?
by brendan May 28, 2004

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