Acronym: Lay report. A summary of sexual encounters.
Go on then man, what's the LR?!
by brendan May 13, 2004
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A life ruiner. Someone who ruins people's lives.
someone: I deleted all your files.
you: LR!!!!!
by not an LR January 12, 2011
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politically correct abbreviation for "literally retarded." can be used as a measure of intoxication or to describe a person/situation that is stupid or unpleasant
1. Did you see Amanda's snap story? It was LR
2. Paige was so LR last night after drinking a bottle of Tito's she fell down an entire flight of stairs.
by aaronbudweiser August 27, 2017
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Acronym: Last Resort. The worst kind of hook up there is, but still absolutely necessary. Usually a girl/guy who is less than average in terms of attractiveness and has no life so as to be available for hookups whenever needed.
Girl #1: So how was last night?
Girl #2: Terrible. I was so horny and my usual was out of town, and the only one who was available was my LR.
Girl #1: I'm so sorry
Girl #2: So am I
by Sash420a June 8, 2006
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he takes his pillow and moves into the LR where his Grammy and Mama share the sleeper sofa and beds down on the floor
by lev quzmic June 28, 2006
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situation: everyone laughs! hahaha..

person 1: huh? ?????

( after 5 seconds: person 1 laughs )

person 2: u know what? u'r so LR!
( telling this to person 1 )
by creepikz September 12, 2010
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acronym for Little Reads

Little Readers

Less Reads

Less Reams

All refer to an individual that is often determined mentally slow, incapacitated, or incapable of participating in modern means courting of potential mates, dates, rapes, or friends. Though in some realities it has been discovered that common high consumption of tactical slander or praise, life hacks, invisibly warp individuals perception of reality disabling for human interactions of meaningful relationships in which are the highest of values to create useful technologies that are not mere mechanisms to pull at fictitious desire aesthetics promoted as power
"Don't mind Marshell Mathers, I have a funny feeling that he's an LR type and can't hang with the true thugs. Who the fuck knows, he might actually drink that fifth and gut the first cunt he sees. He's fucking wack as fuck in his verbal assault love games"
by Why So White November 25, 2013
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