abbr: "kr".
1) A common abbreviation for f*cker.
2) Used affectionately, any friend or collegue.

v. cker, ckered, ckering.
1) To perform the labelling of one as a "cker."
2) To violate, do harm to.

1) To be labeled a "cker."

1) Used randomly, often around friends.

Originating in Bellingham, Washington.
Hey, you're a cker!

I got ckered bad.

by SubduedExcitement November 26, 2005
A person who finishes or tends to interrupt other peoples' jokes.
"Matt likes to be the center of attention, and he's a total jokef*cker, too."
by Jason Gray May 5, 2006
The people on this web sight that leave serious definitions to funny ass words. Also known ass, ass clowns, pillow biters, and the more pc verson squares.
"God damn that was one dumb ass mother f*cker that left that responce!"
by Heady420 June 15, 2003
A common response used when your Mechari is compared to a fish.
Annoying Cassian: Your character looks like a fish.
Fishy Mechari: Blub Blub Mother F*cker.
by TheOldJak November 11, 2015
a fat ass f#cker
go f#ck your self Tiktok, your a f#cker
by pp head penis mouth March 14, 2022