Meaning to whip. To kick ass. To beat someone.
I am going to whup you for looking at my girl.
by MrREC October 1, 2012
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Whup (n., v., adj.) Anything that sounds offensive.
1.-You're such a whup
2.-What the whup
3.-y u whup
4.-Whup Whup Whup
by AdrieXskittars December 18, 2008
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What you say when you aren't listening to someone
John: where do you want to go for dinner?

Me: umm.....whup!
by TaterG May 1, 2016
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Alternative to whip.
Mainly used by the school of people who use "thang" instead of thing.
I'll whup yo ass.
He gave me a whupping...
by Captain Fizz June 6, 2005
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"Homeboy is so whupped, he may as well be on a leash."
by x January 31, 2003
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the noise one hears while casually walking down the street and is pulled over by a cop, usually with no reason. the whup whup noise is the siren being turned on for a brief period. is also heard in other police situations, although this is the most common.
friend 1 to friend 2: that bar was awesome! im glad we decided to walk home though, driving is dangerous and cabs are expensive

cop: *whup whup* excuse me gentlemen what are you doing out this late? can i see your IDs
by freedomman5000 July 2, 2011
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