Slang for cocaine, often misspelled by ignorant wannabes as "yayo"; the act of abusing cocaine will sometimes be referred to as getting "lleyed".
I gotta go get some llello for tonight.
Man, we all got so lleyed up last night!
by m1ndj0b March 9, 2003
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1)According to Tony Montana, it's white powder that pollutes your womb, so that you can't even have a leetle baby.
2)Cocaine powder.
"Wow, that's a big pile of llello I just put my nose in."
by Donald Duck May 2, 2003
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Slang for cocaine, used by rappers and kids too. Pronounced "yay-o"
"I didn't wanna take his life, but the nigga tried to run and get away with me llello.." -Bone Thugs N' Harmony - Mr. Bill Collector
by xps April 5, 2005
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llello, pronounced "yayo", is "street" term for "coke" or "cocaine"
"Rush rush, give me llello!"
-Debbie Harry from Blondie
by A Drake October 12, 2003
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Cocaine, crack; it is a Spanish word, and the double l's are pronounced as "y"'s.
The bitch came back with a bag of llello.
by VAKI5 October 23, 2003
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now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniffs the llello.
-Notorious B.I.G
by canton49 August 7, 2009
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