Father Greg Boyle, S.J.
โ€œ 'Nothing stops a bullet like a job.' This is the belief of unlikely gang expert Father Boyle, a Jesuit priest also known as G-Dog," who works with youth in East Los Angeles.
by geoh777 August 16, 2012
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Something you call one of your friends. It's short for god dog, so tell it to someone who is a god, a dog, or both.
Person: Hey gdog what's up!
Person 2: I ate your kids.
by queen moon August 09, 2018
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A homosapian who acts, looks and speaks like a grandad, they're clothes also resemble a grandads and has a dog like face.
by mini lolocaust January 22, 2010
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A name given to true gangster pimps. 'Tis is used to show the utmost respect. G Dogs, have one of the strongest pimp hands and should never be compared to grandpas!
Gabby warned Efrain with his pretty boy sway to never forget who the true G DOG was, yet he did and his tombstone now reads, "Death by Pimp slap!"
by pimpmama000 March 18, 2011
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Im a G dog from rebal sport
Im rebal with noooo cause

A strut around with all the bitches
They want to get in all my pictures
But im a G dog with no respect for the law

So i lay them down right on the floor
And they will cry out for more
so ill give it to em bree bree right on the floor

Im a G dog dont mess with me
or ill get Jehovah on your ass 1 2 3
Hes crazy just like me
and we will smash u up didalydi
We are best mates better then the bed bree bree
Those guys just suck willys
While that Jordan guy is smokin' it up
that jesse guy is getting done up the butt
by that robert kid with his 3 inch willy

and all u hear from jorden is mmmm scrumptious! hehehe

Im a G dog i hussle it up
i go cruise down the highway at 12 O clock
with all my bitches theres 1 2 3
but than i get pulled over by the bed bree bree
they start trying to talk smack and i dont like that
so i kick that jesse guy right in his sack
he falls to the ground and it starts to crack
while that robert guy trys to hit me in the back
so i turn around and push him infront of a car splat!
and now the jordan guy is looking at me
while his smoking hes 50 he goess hehehe
Man this 50 is scrumptious and then he pulls out a gun
but then jake comes out of nowwhere and sticks cheese up his bum
but then jordan yells out mmm i enjoyed that
so i crack him right in his sack

so the fight is over and the G dogs won
and thats how we roll bitch NUMBER 1
Man that G Dog rap was sick!
by I am the G Dog June 24, 2009
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