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See the book the "Meaning of Liff" Its written by Douglas Adams writer of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the galaxy.
a person: God what is the meaning of Liff?
God: Are you speaking with your mouth full again?
by Boomstick October 10, 2003
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big nasty shotgun as used by Ash in Army of darkness. Use with movie quote "This is my BOOMSTICK!" when talking to a 14th century primitive culture to explain the principal of firearms and their safe use.
by Boomstick October 10, 2003
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An object used to indulge & devour the rectum. Made up of half spoon and half fork for maximum effect.
Wow, That girl was so attractive, and i was finna eat the bungy but i left my bungy spork at home
by Boomstick November 5, 2014
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melt ice or cool steam thats how.
Go melt an ice cube or go in a sauna then come out again.
by Boomstick October 10, 2003
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An expression saying that someone is always on the side that is "good" and never taking a chance of being "bad"
You're good Ash, and I'm bad Ash. You're a Goody Little Two Shoes.
by Boomstick April 4, 2005
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The sensitive part of the penis that dangles 2 millimetres just inferior too the penis head.
1. Wow, I would love a girl to blueberry my rooster neck flap
by Boomstick November 4, 2014
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in table football when a ballis hit and intended to go forward changes direction and ends up in the players own goal. Named for its creator MR. Wheater himself
Wheater: " im gonna beat you at a game of foosball!"
random: "I accept your challenge!"
Wheater: (hits ball)
(wheatertastic occurs)
Wheater: Oh no my attempt at a goal has backfired! My name will forever now be remembered with ridicule yet respect.
by Boomstick October 10, 2003
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