A common object or experience for which no word yet exists.
by Nick March 29, 2003
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See the book the "Meaning of Liff" Its written by Douglas Adams writer of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the galaxy.
a person: God what is the meaning of Liff?
God: Are you speaking with your mouth full again?
by boomstick October 10, 2003
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Long Island Finance Fuckboy

This is a guy from Long Island, probably studying finance, and a total fuckboy.

You can spot them with the graphic tee, athletic shorts, some sort of trending sneakers, and obnoxiously long white socks. Alternately, Crocs.

They also sometimes Juul, because they think it's so cool. Occasionally, they're in frats.
Girl: "isn't that guy cute?"
Girl 2: "No, he's totally a LIFF."

Professor: "What made you study risk management and finance?"
LIFF: " My Long Island dad."
by Your gay mom Fern August 25, 2022
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A term for an "anti-gay". Someone who has harsh feeling towards gays, feels uncomfortable around them or purely hates them. Someone who thinks being gay is wrong and that gays are weird.
A gay man moves in next door and your neighbor starts to feel uncomfortable and doesn't like that there is a gay man moving into the neighborhood. The neighbor is a liff.

Gay Boy: Hi

Other Boy: Uch..Go away. Fuck off idiot, your a homo!

Gay Boy: I was saying "HI"! Your a fu**ing liff!
by urbancow May 28, 2016
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L:life I:is F:fucking F:fabulous
commonly used on the internet

by bshiznit March 10, 2008
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A term used for people who are in a relationship but aren't in love yet. Making things less awkward.
I liff you.
by tayp December 7, 2011
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1.) A young boy from a suburb of sharon. Hes jolly, cool and overall just a goober. When you yell Liff you should expect to see Jon. He is said to be the orginal founder of the language "liffinesse:

2.) the liff family. the same family were jon is from. it consist of two parents two boys and a girl. also a dog named emma.

3.) someone who often gets laid.
1.) you: liff get over here
liff: whaaaa?

2.)The liff family is cool

3.)Yo look at the LIFF with all those girls
by PeteyLew April 3, 2005
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