A person who acts like a gamer but really only plays Madden, Halo, and GTA. Similar to a douche and has qualities of a jock.
Chad plays Madden and Halo all day and knows nothing else about gamings; he's a gramer.
by Lupin Saiko April 13, 2008
An absolute gamer who is so frickin cool and probably is at least 6'4 they also probably play basketball or other sports and they have a decent amount of friends and their really funny and cool and epic and swag.
Is that a gramer man he's so cool and epic.
by ....poopy March 9, 2021
An incessant butchering of the English language, or use of an obnoxious or n00blike vocabulary

¹a trait
²a noun, substitute for vocabulary
person A: I need to go vacuem the house theres dirt all over

person B:His vocabulary shows hints of gramer¹

person c: what lovely gramer you have²
by Nathan W. August 10, 2007
Gramers are sort of casual players. They usually play the madden and other sports games ,First person shooters and any game with a lot of explosions in it. They have very short attention spans which means they can't set down to play a long fulfilling games such as RPGs or action adventures and it means they almost never finish their games. Gramers are not like regular gamers, most gramers began playing games right around the time Playstation took over the market and starting producing more sports games and more mature games that would appeal to larger audiences. Before Playstation made games cool these gramers (mostly jocks) were non gamers that would make fun of real gamers, they would say "games are for kids" or they would say "dude, games are so gay".

Soulja Boy is a good example of a Gramer.
by misconception-annihilated March 1, 2010
A word made up to describe Annie because no word in the English language can describe how cool, funny, pretty, and chill she is!!
Annie is so Gramerous that nobody can compare
by Bbakes February 23, 2016