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South African term that can be likened to 'Kitch' or 'common'.

Zef style has strong 1980s influences and is stereotypically associated South African caucasians of low-middle social-economic status. However, it not nesessarily a derogatory term.

"It's like wearing high heels with a tracksuit. Being truly zef takes guts."

"The ultimate South African style"
Fila takkies and chappies bubble gum...thats zef...Fokken lekker
by Ralb008 February 20, 2010
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Zef is when you think you're cool and dont care about what others think..

It means you're cool no matter what...
Anyone can be ZEF
You don't need $$ to be ZEF, you just need to be you, and own it.
by Kkinghobo February 20, 2017
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During the 60's and 70's the Ford Zephyr was a favourite car by a particular group of South Africans, they also often wore a comb in their socks, and were considered as 'common' or kitch or low class by others, the term ZEF was coined to descibe them.

The word would be used to describe the style of a particular person.

The word could also be used in a derogatory manner by someone who considered themself of higher class or better breeding.
Bernoldus Niemand aka James Phillips, a South African musician who came from a mining town is a good example of a zef person and so is some of his lyrics eg: Welcome to my car.

Usually young men who drove Ford Zephyrs, hung their arm out of the window, and wore a comb stuck into one sock would be considered zef.

More recently, South African rap artists Die Antwoord and Jack Parow would be the embodiment of what zef is.

It is zef to be yourself, to be honest about your humble origins and to be proud of it.
by wrathex March 08, 2010
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The ultimate style.. it's a full flex, like a full flex. It's an African style. It's not something you can really explain.. It's something you experience; like a video game when you reach the next level, that's basically zef. Zef is the next level.
you can't mess with my new zef flow
by kootie katcher August 11, 2010
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It means your poor but fancy

Afrikaans word coined by Β₯olandi &Ninja from Die Antwoord
I work at McDonald's but i wear Gucci clothes cause im Zef to death.
by Zefrat23 June 27, 2017
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Afrikaans slang for "redneck" as coined by Die Antwoord
Ninja: "Yo dis style ees Zef, man. It's hardcore takin over za interwebz with mah gangsta skeelz!"
by averygoodburger February 17, 2010
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