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a person that has anal with guys or girls
jeeze jamie how many guys did u get last nite u've got mayjor shit dick
by Bob February 17, 2004
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someone who picks shit out of their butt.
"did you see how little billy was scratching his butt crack?" "yeah, he's a little shit picker."
by Bob February 27, 2005
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an expression that can be used out of anger or excitement. Means Damn
Jacob was rubbing on his chesticles screaming "SHITSHAY"

I was playing a game of egyptian Rat fucker. And when I was dealt a bad hand I yelled "SHITSHAY"
by Bob April 03, 2005
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A strange fish type animal that eats millipedes and swims naked through cow pats.
That shley just invaded my rectal cavitiy.
by Bob November 28, 2003
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One who indulges in homo-erotic stimulus; enjoyment of the penis.
Johnny and A-Aplz played hide the sausage while aunt peggy was out talking to the milkman.
by Bob April 03, 2003
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