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(n)When someone has indie cred it usually means that they are familiar with independent movements in cultural sectors such as art, music, fashion, and will most likely be an advocate for such changes. They are usually concentrated in urban areas that are known for their facilitation of underground cultural exchanges and are recognisable by their bold yet suave adornments. Many are visual art, design, drama or music students and fall under the under 30's age group.
"That guy has indie cred"
"i need to build up my indie cred"
by CJ98734 April 7, 2006
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Indie cred has a lot to do with the independent rock movement. The more rad bands you know and have seen in concert, the cooler you are.
Indie kid: I saw Mogwai last night!
Indie kid 2: I saw them like five months ago, around the time I saw the Islands.
Indie kid: Next week I should be getting those +/- tickets I ordered.
Indie kid 2: Ahhh I'm so jealous!

And assuming people heard you, you might get more indie cred, and other indie kids think you're cooler.
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Knowledge regarding obscure (and usually horribe) bands and movies that makes someone "indy".

Familiarity with independant movements that nobody else knows about or cares about also qualifies as "indy cred".

indie guy #1: since the arctic monkeys are no longer 'indie', i spent all night on google trying to find new indie bands that will be my new favourite band until they become mainstream even though i don't care for the music at all.
indie guy #2: whoa dude, you've got a lot of indy cred. i'm quite indie myself because i only like pre-label bands and i don't listen to anything mainstream.
indie guy #1: i know, we're so indy we even contract the word "independent" and "credibility"!
by xykorix March 4, 2007
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A young indie man who goes around to all the indie places and hands out, 'indie cred"Indie cred can come in two ways. The first way is to those who are being extremely indie are given cred for their efforts. The second way is, those who wish to have a bit more indie cred can trade something of theirs that is really indie, such as a pair of wayfarers preferably Ray bans, a pair of pointy shoes ect in exchange for cred from the indie man.
Though indie cred works both ways, you can also have indie cred taken off you; this usually occurs if the name of a certain indie thing is unknown, such as a band, or fashion trend. In this occurrence the indie man take something indie off you, as you are not deserving of it because you're not nearly indie enough.
"Your looking damn indie tonight, you'll get some find indie cred"

"You don't know who *insert band name* are? Careful the indie cred man will come and cut the points off your shoes"
by bette&friends July 11, 2008
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