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Naturalized American citizens of recent Latin American descent who follow a right-wing agenda, particularly advocating strong anti-immigration policies.
Julio's parents crossed into the country illegally, and now he says Navy Seals should patrol the Rio Grande.
Oh man, another Juan Birch Society member.
by BlueLew June 11, 2010

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Spilled coffee in the lap area, especially common when using the crotch as a cupholder on the morning commute. Fresh, it's a wet stain. Dry, it's a brown stain that can last all day. Occasional whiffs of coffee will drift upward through the day, especially during strenuous activity.
The bump in the road caused a splash, and the warm wetness indicated another case of coffee crotch
by BlueLew July 15, 2008

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When one, or both, parties fail to show at a rendezvous.
Just to make you feel a bit guilty, here's a selfie of me at our nondezvous.
by BlueLew June 06, 2014

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Random things. Low country British for "stuff"
Black pudding is blood sausage and oatmeal with other stoof added
by BlueLew May 08, 2015

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Looking like you're working, with no chance of any kind of productivity.

A reference to George Jetson walking the family dog, Astro, on a treadmill.
Eric: Hey, Dan is working hard on those business processes.
Sharon: You watch, he won't deliver anything
Eric: You mean, he's just taking Astro for a walk?
by BlueLew January 14, 2010

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The visual effect of squeezing a scrotum at the base. The scrotal skin tightens around the testicles creating two lobes.
Dave grabbed his sack, stuck out his balls, and chased us around the 3rd floor yelling, "The Man with Two Brains! The Man with Two Brains"
by BlueLew January 16, 2007

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