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A spoof off of the animation genre anime. The character "Stinkoman" is loosely based upon Strong Bad from www.homestarrunner.com, as any idiot will tell you. He has blue hair. He also kicks some serious ass.
I want a Stinkoman t-shirt.
by Blizzleair July 18, 2003
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An emoticon that needs to put some anti-perspirant on its face, man.
Person 1: So did you do the math homework?
Person 2: Uh...o.o;;;;
by Blizzleair September 21, 2003
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A pronunciation mark placed over the second vowel in a set to indicate that it should be pronounced as a dipthong.
The ¨ over the e in Zoë indicates that it should be pronounced zoh-EE and not ZOH.
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
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A Windows error message displayed in Internet Explorer if there is a problem loading the requested web page; ie the connection was lost or the page does not exist.
If my computer says "The page cannot be displayed" one more friggin time I'm going to throw its little friend the printer out the window!
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
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AOL (short for Anonymous Online Losers) is an internet service providor (ISP) for people who can't handle the real internet and want everything easy and served to them on a friggin platter. Morons.
Chat Room Scenario
Person 1: I have AOL and omfg it's the best!!!1
Person 2: Go to hell, n00b.
Person 3: *dies of laughing at the AOL shithead*
by Blizzleair July 15, 2003
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Weird way that I say dumbass, usually so my teachers don't know what I mean.
Go the hell away, doomahs.
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
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A hybrid of insane + lunatic. A person who is not sound of mind or who I don't like. (Alternate spelling: insanatic)
by Blizzleair July 19, 2003
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