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An online "board" where people can draw, via a java paint applet, pictures (usually in the style of anime) and can have comments posted by other users, so as to have their artwork thoughtfully critiqued. Fun to do if you go to a good board.
If you don't have a tablet then oekaki boards would suck.
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
Short for anime music video. Created by splicing together a song and clips from an anime series together to create a video. Identifiable by their big file size.
If you watch too many AMVs, you are stupid. But a few is ok. Like me. ^_^
by Blizzleair September 22, 2003
1. A specific hentai-type picture containing Quatre and Trowa and that is repeatedly brought up in conversation as a random laugh generator and/or relapse of the time when eye pollution was viewed by speaker.
Person 1: And so she kept saying out of BOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS!
Person 2: EYE POLLUTION! RELAPSE! AUGH! *splooching sound as Person 2 gouges out own eyes*
by Blizzleair July 15, 2003
Dumbass way of typing that makes you look like you don't know shit about computers and are just randomly pressing the shift key. Usually combined with bad spelling (ie, lyke, wut, dat, h0lla)
iF yo0 UsE sTiKy CaPs In My PrEsCeNcE i'Ll f*CkInG kIlL yo0.
by Blizzleair September 18, 2003
The jewel that was shattered by Kagome in the anime series Inuyasha. Literally means "Jewel of Four Souls" (Japanese)
If Kikyou gets the Shikon no Tama we'll all be screwed.
by Blizzleair September 18, 2003
A spoof off of the animation genre anime. The character "Stinkoman" is loosely based upon Strong Bad from www.homestarrunner.com, as any idiot will tell you. He has blue hair. He also kicks some serious ass.
I want a Stinkoman t-shirt.
by Blizzleair July 18, 2003
Random "filler word" that can be added between syllables of another word to make it sound more "ghetto".
That plizzleaya better shizzleut the fizzleuck upizzle. Hizzle fo' shizzle-dizzle-nizzle.
by Blizzleair July 15, 2003