The pen included with A Nintendo DS or other personal organiser dohickey with a touch screen
He used his stylus to poke yoshi's head
by Milo1195 November 26, 2005
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1. boy with ginger pubes
2. a rare type of cs groupie who can actually play good counter-strike
*** You have been banned from #SK
by HeatoN March 19, 2003
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super groupie capable of befreinding even the great one "HeatoN"
"<heaton> hi stylus"
by Milan March 19, 2003
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an extremely cool person, yes very nice
this is also a term for a religion that currently consists of about 7 people
by SheffieldWednesdayarebetter September 6, 2020
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DJ-Crew making awesome music with turntables, mixers and vinyl-records.

Stylus delivering sound/noise from vinyl-records (turntable-music)
The DJs were the best i've seen in a long time, they're so Noisy Stylus!
by Tablist December 7, 2004
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