Jewel; Just her name takes your breath away by its uniqueness and beauty. Her flaws are none, and her heart is that of a new born child. Complete innocence and purity. Her outward appearance is that which is most pleasing upon the eyes. And if not careful, one might mistake her for an Angel itself. Her elegant ways of life might make one feel petty and of no worth compared to one of such beauty and stature. But her words are as pleasing as harmonies music to the ears. And with love and kindness she can melt your scars and pain away into the past. Making one to feel as though they have reached a heaven in which no pain or bad things exsist. She is loyal till death, and never would compromise a relationship. She is honest and that of good heart. But is easily hurt and made to cry. But fear not, for she yearns only to forgive and forget, so all that remains is peace and happiness. If you had to describe Jewel in one simple word, it would have to simply be, Perfect.
by 2Glam2GivaDamn August 3, 2015
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Jewel is a girl that you'd be lucky to call your best friend. She is a badass when it comes to handling difficult situations whether its dealing with her own or helping a friend out. Jewel is very unique and a really understanding person! When feeling low she'll bring out the smile in you. Aka she can also be very adorable at times.
Guy: Aye look it's Jewel , I wonder if she has a best friend?
Girl: Dude sorry but that spot has already been taken
by corpsebride March 1, 2018
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Jewel’s are shy, kind, sweet, and brave. They can come off as weak and are insecure but lot’s of people love them.

They’re always looking for a chance to bring people together and make friends. She hates drama and isn’t afraid to think for herself. She also hates any kind of diversity.

They are very lovable and cute. If you hurt one you’ll usually feel bad. You’re lucky to even look at one.

People are usually protective and considerate of her feelings, she loves honesty and bravery. She’s usually small and very fragile, she’s also very anxious. Sensitivity{ is her worst enemy but she always finds a way to cheer herself up.

People think her innocent and adorable but they can be easily proven wrong.

If I could describe her in one sentence it would be,

She’s weird in a good way
Person 1: Did you see her!? She’s so cute. I can’t, she’s so tiny!!!!

Person 2: Awww I know, I love her!

Jewel: Awe! Thank you!

Both: Look at her!!!!
by That_Dysphoric_Bitch May 12, 2019
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A amazing person. She is perfect. Nothing can ever get in her way. Never get on her bad side cause she will hurt you. She is beautiful even though she doesn't believe it. She's hilarious and likes rock music. She's independent, likes sports, likes to dance, and has a amazing voice.
Jewel is perfect
by Someperson123 April 2, 2018
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Jewel is a wonderful person she is always there for you and she has beautiful hair and everyone just wants to touch it whenever she is mad at you she can never stay mad at you I walk with her all the time and we can never stop talking I love you so fricken much jewel you are my #1 best friend 💖
I ownjewel you have beautiful hair can I touch it 👌
by 💖💜💖 April 13, 2018
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Precious, sweet, caring, & a role model to others. A one of a kind person.
by tmbby March 5, 2015
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A kick ass person who is so amazing and you have to love her she is so beautiful! She is so SEXY!!! she is sweet kind fun energetic funny and she has a NICE ASS!!;)

(also known as Jewels)
"Dammm!! Jewel you are fine!!"
by ;);););););););););) January 8, 2012
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