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1. A specific hentai-type picture containing Quatre and Trowa and that is repeatedly brought up in conversation as a random laugh generator and/or relapse of the time when eye pollution was viewed by speaker.
Person 1: And so she kept saying out of BOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS!
Person 2: EYE POLLUTION! RELAPSE! AUGH! *splooching sound as Person 2 gouges out own eyes*
by Blizzleair July 14, 2003

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1. An outcry of randomness.
2. An exclamation used in place of another word.
3. One who says or understands Nar.
1. NAR!
2. I'll nar you to nar!
3. I am a nar type person.
by Blizzleair July 14, 2003

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An extremely preppy store for young girls in which they can purchase grossly overpriced cloth garments equal to in quality the same cloth garments avalible for purchase in their local Mall-Wart.
"OMG, let's go 2 Limited too!!!!!!1 I need some new stuffs 4 mah peepz!?!?!!!1"
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003

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The jewel that was shattered by Kagome in the anime series Inuyasha. Literally means "Jewel of Four Souls" (Japanese)
If Kikyou gets the Shikon no Tama we'll all be screwed.
by Blizzleair September 18, 2003

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A program first created in secret by Microsoft Corporation and funded by the US Navy, the sole purpose of which was supposed to be to delete files saved onto the hard disk and not allow any external hardware to be installed on the computers of terrorists. Somehow Bill Gates found out that it could, concievably, be used as an operating system and be used by any normal person with a minumum of 6 years computer training. Needless to say, it made him millions.
Godammit, Windows XP is a piece of shit! *bangs computer*
by Blizzleair July 14, 2003

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Random "filler word" that can be added between syllables of another word to make it sound more "ghetto".
That plizzleaya better shizzleut the fizzleuck upizzle. Hizzle fo' shizzle-dizzle-nizzle.
by Blizzleair July 14, 2003

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1. To grasp something.
2. A Japanese band that sings an intro to Inuyasha.
1. All the other definitions for grip were written by total dumbasses as they seem to think it has two syllables. (Which it doesn't, durr.)
2. Grip's song, Every Little Thing, is fairly decent.
by Blizzleair September 21, 2003

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