durr: A word used to mock a lame insult, joke, or action. Most often used in sarcastic phrases. The word can be given more emphasis by stretching out the word (i.e. duuuurrrr).
by Beef Wilson July 21, 2003
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Synonym for duh, only better.
"My, isn't it rainy today?" *thunderclap*
"Durr, dumbass."
by Blizzleair September 22, 2003
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Word used mainly in insults or to emphasise the presence of a retard.
by Ryan January 20, 2005
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(noun) a dumb person or action
(adj.) A way to describe a dumb person, action or idea
He's a durr.
Wow, that was durr.
That was the most durr thing I've ever done.
by durr101 August 30, 2011
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The Act of being messed up. To do a stupid thing or action. Clueless and wasted...
"We went to the party, and everybody there was like durr..."
by C-UNIT June 11, 2005
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meaning "yeah" in a exciting way. lol
Like durr, you have to go
by Angela Lantano June 23, 2006
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A word used on North Shore Staten Island aka Grime City for penis.
Nikkas be on mah durr all day fam!
by thasyckness January 18, 2008
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