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Cockney rhyming slang

rosey lee - cup of tea.
Gis a cup of rosey lee luv, I'm parched.
by black flag June 01, 2004
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The best punk band the world has ever produced.
Flags and Emblems / Hanx / Nobodies Heros... etc.
by Black Flag February 10, 2004
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1) A side dish of oven baked batter traditionally eaten by the English with roast beef

2) A clapped out has been cricketer. See Geoff Boycott
Can I have some yorkshire pudding please mum?
by black flag June 02, 2004
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Genre transending acid rock band from North London. Formed late in 1969 by Dave Brock under the title Band X, they are still one of the most influential underground rock acts in the world. Past members inclde Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, Robert 'Starfighter' Calvert and Ginger 'I used to be in Cream' Baker.
Listern to the following
Space Ritual (1972)
PXR5 (1979)
Chronical Of The Black Sword (1985)
Love In Space (1999)
by Black Flag February 04, 2004
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UK slang (London)

To go wrong, to be victims of Murphy's Law. Often heard for the lips of actors in Brit crime flicks and cop shows Origin obscure.
"Bloody Hell it's the sweeny, it's all gone pear shaped"
by black flag June 26, 2004
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A UK public transport company who provide the worse public transport service in the known universe and treat their staff little better than slaves.
I wouldn't work for first bus if they tripled the pay. (which would still be fuck all)
by black flag June 03, 2004
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A cartoon strip in Viz comics conserning the adventures of Sharon and Tracy the archetypical townie girls
The falt slags come from Fulchester.
by black flag June 27, 2004
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