a drug market in the open. usually in the form of tent cities but could just be drug dealing out in the open
I saw Brent at the open air as I drove by. Looks like hes back to using again.
by Nan M. July 16, 2022
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Open Airing is a form of video/audio chat in which one does not use headphones and speaks to the device directly.
Hey, wanna skype tonight I will be open airing it.
by asianboi6969 August 10, 2018
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When you and your significant other take part in an act of sexual type in which both people are fully naked and start off slow, continuously progressing until you are fully engaged in intercourse while being out in the open.
Hey, are you up for some open airing later tonight.
by asianboi6969 August 10, 2018
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A release of a fart outdoors that is so dense and vile that not even a breeze, strong wind, or any other weather related condition can safely disperse the heinous ass gas before it makes its way to all surrounding victims’ noses. Even moments later, this thick and gaseous hell-beast of a rectal belch will stay lingering in the same outdoor vicinity in which it was spawned.
The family cookout was going well this past weekend, until Bobbo laid an open air fart that cleared the entire picnic area and almost killed his already unhealthy, jaundice looking friend, Smear.

Minutes later when EMTs arrived to collect Smear, the lingering aroma of Bobbo’s open air fart forced them to wear decontamination suits and oxygen masks in order to enter the hot zone.
by Mr Damien Bean May 20, 2015
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A mode of conversation in which each participant tries to one up the other with their vocabulary. Usually using abnormal words that they would not normally be used in conversation.
Guy 1: Bro, I'm so perplexed by the array of errands that I must carry out today.

Guy 2: Yeah, you seem pretty perturbed

Guy 1: Yeah, I should probably commence on taking care of my itinerary.

Guy 2: Itinerary.....you get points for that one. haha....but I still think I'm winning this game of open-air-scrabble.
by drummer12189 November 29, 2010
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