16 definitions by Billybob

People with to much money that usually have a very good plastic surgent.
What can I do for you today Pamela Anderson. I need a size ZZ.
by Billybob March 15, 2005
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a myserious sound made by special, talented, and magical creatures; for magical creatures, its a skill.
the Liger went "GAPPABAMABOO!"
by Billybob March 28, 2005
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Having great elevation.
That kite went quite high Johnny!
by Billybob October 23, 2004
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someone with an abundance of goggles in the cupboard under the stairs
haha look a that fool with all those goggles. gogglers r freeks
by billybob January 03, 2004
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The use of animal feces as a sexual lubricant, preferrably canine diarrhea.
My friend Daniel is such a Muggler, he followed Fifi around all day looking for some diarrhea.
by BillyBob April 18, 2005
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Slang for incest between father and son.
Dude pac'ed his sun everyday til they arrested him.
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
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This word describes a 21 century automotive craze of combining vehicles, in this case, a Sport Utility Vehicle & a Truck - SUC
Brand new to the showroom, the new Avalanch, with the latest is SUC styling
by BillyBob March 13, 2004
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