Another name for USC, the university of spoiled children, university of second choice, university of sexual criminals, P-USC, U$C, the private school surrounded by the ghetto, producing murderers, rapists, and other types of criminals every day.
The SUC Trojans suck. They couldn't beat Cal, so the BCS couldn't give them the #1 spot. Then they go and cry about it. Hell, even UCLA beat Cal last year.
BCS = Beat CAL Stupid.
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The Screw U Crew, a group of fans of the television show "Heroes" whom offer wisdom and insight with a tinge of sarcasm to other fans of the show via the MySpace forums.
I wonder if the SUC knows what ever happened to that Uluru character??
by Lindsay Patrick October 28, 2007
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SUC (Slut Under Cover) pronounced "SUCK"

Any female whom doesnt want to be seen as an open slut, therefore instead of randomly having sex with males, they will date them for a while in a sexual relationship, break up and move on to others. I am positive you will know plenty of these types of girls.
Im sure you can think of your own "SUC"
by Grazmo April 22, 2010
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person 1 - yo what you doing right now

person 2 - suc
by Gilbis September 2, 2007
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This word describes a 21 century automotive craze of combining vehicles, in this case, a Sport Utility Vehicle & a Truck - SUC
Brand new to the showroom, the new Avalanch, with the latest is SUC styling
by BillyBob March 13, 2004
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The action of giving or reciving Head / Oral Sex. The Suc intensifies with every "C" added to the word.
Sorry I dragged fam I was reciving the SUCCC from this hoochie momma.
by Bobby Bitch March 5, 2016
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