Keeping up with the guys that keep
texting you after they have expressed interested in you.

They have been honest and told you they are in an open relationship ship, married or not single. They still keep texting you to see what’s up.

It goes against your values, but you are single and later in age and don’t really care about anyone else anymore.

You lay low and not respond for a few days or weeks because you are not a home reacker although you really want them.

The conclusion is that you have no moral compass anymore and curiosity gets the better of you and you text back to see how far they will go.
This all happens after you have already texted them to ‘call me when you are single’.
I gotta back load of upkeep to text tonight, call ya back later.
by Billy-Soo November 15, 2019
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The turn structure of Beginning of Turn in Magic the Gathering, usually said quick to signal what's going on. Also used as chain of word to help new players remember that you untap before you draw.
untap upkeep draw, go to main phase, cast Lava Spike targeting you, does it resolve?
by Big Lupu June 28, 2017
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