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When you express your disbelief in what someone is saying and you believe it to believe false, or an outright lie, and it is presented to you as if it were real or totally the opposite as if it were correct or good for you. Three words often associated with what the United States Government says about something, or what words are often spoken from of the president's mouth, or presidential candidates mouth, or any other government official attempting to convince you of something that is totally absurd and wrong or bad for you, not good. To indicate that someone is attempting to present to you an entire bucket full of defecation, excrement, or shit.
Examples of a crock of shit: “you can keep your doctor’s if you want”, “it is not going to cost any more tax money then you already pay”, “only citizens of the United States will be allowed to receive...”
by Billy BullSchitter August 6, 2016
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A word said by Ned Beatty (Bobby) to indicate a question as to what was proposed by one of the two “mountain men” in the 1972 film Deliverance, a fictional story four suburban professional men from Atlanta, Georgia on a weekend canoe and camping trip that encounter two rednecks (Georgia Crackers). That is when you have to use the word "Drop"' with a question mark "?" When your mind wonders if something you consider bad is going to happen to you.
Mountain Man: Now, let's you just drop them pants.
Bobby: Drop?
Mountain Man: Just take 'em right off.
by Billy BullSchitter August 6, 2016
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1. Prick -- used to describe the action of making a small hole in an object with a sharp and/or pointed object.

2. Prick -- the slang name for the male sexual organ which is also known as a penis.

3. Prick -- the description or name someone (the first person) may call another person (the second person) when the first person believes the second person is an outright ass whole.
(Note: the (1), (2), (3) below, referrers to the corresponding definition number above.)

(a) While picking a few wild blackberries, the limb on the blackberry bush sprung forward while Johnny attempted to pee discreetly in the blackberry bushes. The thorns on the blackberry bush pricked (1) a hole in Johnny’s prick (2) which resulted in Johnny spilling all of his blackberries. Billy, an outright prick (3), laughed at Johnny and told everyone about Johnny gettings his prick pricked causing Johnny much embarrassment.

(b) Billy pushed Johnny and Johnny fell backwards onto a board with a sharp nail sticking out of it causing Johnny to prick (1) a hole in his new pants. Johnny screamed out loud when the nail pricked (1) him in his prick (2) causing Johnny much pain. Johnny told Billy he was a worthless prick (3) for causing him to prick (1) a hole in his new pants and for hurting his prick (2).
by Billy BullSchitter April 23, 2017
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Sardineized: The act of being picked into something or into some place, or into some situations so tight that you feel as if you are packed into that area so tight, you feel like you are packed in this tight place as if you were packed inside a can full of Sardines (A "Sardine" is the common name used to refer to various small, oily fish within the herring family, normally packaged tight into a small confining can when prepared and ready to eat), Thus; you have gotten the feeling of being “Sardineized”.
Example: Billy bob, " I am so packed into this Tuxedos that it is so tight and their are so many people in this sheep barn at this wedding reception of Becky Lue’s, that I am simply becoming Sardineized. I can't take it any more, this starched pink lacey shirt makes me feel so gay, and I even had to use deodorant to come to Becky Lue's party. I have got to get out of here. I just need to get out of this monkey suit, get me some beers, and go fish'n.
by Billy BullSchitter October 9, 2016
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A condition when the Fecal Impaction of the Colon is so solid and an has become an immobile bulk mass of human feces that develops one's rectum as it has a resulted in a solid mass of constipation in one's ass, such that, it feels as if it is, “Chocked Full O' Nuts” which will not pass under normal circumstances and may have to be dug out with one's fingers or similar tools. i.e., "to shit a brick!"
Tommy: "You ok in their… Won?"

Won: "Oh yes yes, me mighty fine, it is my ass that is the problem, and I am in a state of constipated and my ass is full of Asteroids and feels like it is Chocked Full O' Nuts”.

Jim: "What's the hold up with you two guys in this restroom; it’s time to watch the game."

Tommy: "Oh, it's Won; again, he say's his butt is so clogged up with Asteroids that he just can't shit and is in a lot of pain.

Jim: "What?"

Joe: "Oh, hell you guys, I have been telling you for years that Won is just full of shit."

Jim: “What a crock of shit, we are going to miss the game.”

Bobby: “Who gives a shit?”

Tommy: “Well, evidently Won does!”
by Billy BullSchitter April 23, 2017
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The incorrect pronunciation of the word “shit” often heard in the black community and/or said by a redneck or a “Good old Boy” from the south. (United States)
Willy: Chit man, you almost ran over my ass.
Tyron: Who gives a chit!

Tyron: Yo, man you stepped in some dog chit.
by Billy BullSchitter August 6, 2016
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An expression of total discussed in someone as to why they cannot do something, and you feel as if they can at least do it for the sake of a piece of shit if nothing else at all matters.
Dad: Son, please take out the trash for your mother.
Son: But why? It is not like I have to do what you say and you can’t make me!
Dad: Well for shit sakes, you could at least do something around the house every now and then!
by Billy BullSchitter August 6, 2016
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