Miss Smith is a fat school teacher who is the biggest dyke in the whole world. you will never meet a teacher with the flattest ass, smallest feet, most messed up teeth, tiniest hands, and the weirdest looking oompa loompa you will ever see. in other words she is a fat lonley oompa loompa dyke who lives alone with her pussys and doggies and humps them all night...yea
Oh my God did you see Miss. Smith today, She was starin down that dyke ref and you could tell she was undressing her with her eyes. Miss smith LIKES TO LOOK AT PEOPLES ASSES AND BOOBS only girls though..
by jessicaaaa March 18, 2006
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The Fattest Ass Monkey in all Westminster CA, she covers all of the chalk board so u cant see around her, you'd run otta gas before u can drive around her, she favors KIM and Augustine, and she is shurrly afraid of Jusytn.
Miss Smith Ate my Homework!
by Phuong ROX! August 23, 2004
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Miss smith fanclub is an assembling of extreme nerds who simp for an English teacher they find sexy
OMG tymek went to miss smith fanclub.... SIMP!!!
by Yammus domini October 25, 2020
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That one subsitute 20 year old teacher that will watch anime with you and play among us with you.
Girl 1: AWWW Miss heather smith has to leave I wish she was our teacher

Boy 1: Yeah! I was looking forward to play among us with her and watch demon slayer with her!
Miss Heather Smith: Did someone say .... Among us and.... Demon slayer. Hell yeh I'm staying!
by Wiseoneof1personnobodyknows November 4, 2020
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