Individual naturally possessing the fundamental qualities in association With beauty, comedy, etc; and the ideal platform and discipline to deliver with precise accuracy, those qualities; with out manipulation, coaxing or any outside interference and in a consistent unflappable manor.
1. The first audition was solid gold, its a wrap.
2. This guy's interview was solid gold; tell the rest of the candidates to take two weeks off and than quit.
3. Jack Nicholson was solid gold as the role of The Joker, retire that costume, noone will ever do it better.
* See J. Rao
by joeblo April 15, 2008
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rock solid, something is secure and good... solid gold hit
Yea J, that idea is solid... solid gold...
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 15, 2002
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Solid gold is heavier than hollow gold, or hollow gold stuffed with paper.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 27, 2004
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a dirty, grimy strip bar/"gentlemen's club" on the Burlington/Aldershot (Ontario) outskirts. It has shitty looking motel rooms connected to the main complex which in my opinion, eliminates the possibility that the "dancers" are not in fact also hookers.
"Losers around here go to Solid Gold on their 19th birthdays"
by tizzle August 10, 2004
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Term used to identify a joke, saying, object, or anything which can be observed as being extremely funny and hilarious.
Man 1: So a priest and a pedophile walk into a bar.
Man 1: and that was just the first guy.
Man 2: hahahahahahahaha!
Man 2: solid gold!
by bor August 23, 2003
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n. a strip bar....simple aint it
hey, u guys goin down to solid gold tonight, i heard ashley is gonna give a special show?
by heh February 8, 2004
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Solid gold refers to a highly valuable asset in the gay community--never bending to social norms and sleeping with women. Also, refers to the fact that the men are unwavering and complete in their homosexuality.
I was so surprised to hear Chad slept with a woman in college. He's such a bottom I always thought he was Solid Gold.
by Guy in Shaw June 16, 2008
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