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Lying to yourself and others to achieve a state of well being and to compensate for deserved low self-esteem..
OMG that fugly chick is telling herself ohio lullabies if she thinks shes fuckable by humans.... or most mammals
by bill the random December 23, 2010

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Where gnomes learn to be bitter, resentful and overcompensate for their many, many failures in gnomish ways...often falls prey to substance abuse and becomes engaged in seedy employment (when employable) as fluffers in Gnomaam flicks
Dude....I don't care what they told you in Gnomeschool your never going to be a cowboy ... now stop trying to ride my german shepard and get your gnomschooled, gnome hat wearin ass out of my garden...

And clean up that fluffermuffin, gnomie.

Fucking gnomes......
by Bill the random December 02, 2010

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A pretentious gnomish salutation alluding to imaginary "spiritual" status which is in reality a charm of protection for the smallest and most feeble of all trolls, dwarves and frightened little squirrels to hide behind and excuse any action...
I didnt mean to eat all the shrooms Gnomie....don't beat me up.. I couldnt help it.. I was gnomeschooled

by Bill the random December 20, 2010

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Douche bags who try to take away freedoms away from others while claiming an imaginary moral high ground.. and telling others what they can or cannot say...in effect fighting against the freedom of others
DEC 21, 2010

Hi I'm an 18 year old male in Canada, I'm writing to complain about your website, or more so its content. This website is a joke and should either be radically overhauled, or shut down. If Im not mistaken, the original purpose of this website was to provide clear definitions for slang words used primarily by urban youth, hence the name. I doubt it was created for people to portray their offensive, and ignorant right wing views on topics such as religon, and marriage.

Typical Canadian freedom fighter.. someone elses freedom is only thing they'll fight...
by Bill the Random December 21, 2010

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Stage three of a "recovery" relapse, rehabilitation drama.. that is in its-self an incureable addiction

No recovery was ever intended or even possible as it is the drama leading up to "recovery" that is the addiction..

See also Relapsturbation, Rehabturbation
Dude don't bother talking to him, he has Recovery Addiction and is just into Rehabturbation too set up the next poor me Relapsturbation session
by Bill the Random December 20, 2010

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Someone who quotes the bible, preaches on a porn site or makes religious referrences
Its not an anomolee...that chick who talks about turning the other cheek while doing doggie is totally pornagain ....
by bill the random December 19, 2010

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A state of mental illness where a post menopausal woman describes herself on an adult site as "juicy" when the photographic evidence is clear shes fermenting from multiple yeast infections... and mucus build up...
Dude, that old chick has to be fermental her pussy looks like a plate of bad clams on an old beef pancake....
by Bill the Random December 20, 2010

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