The general theory that your mobile phone (cell phone) knows you better than anyone else based on hearing all of your phone calls, knowing all of your texts, facebook updates, emails, GPS locations, etc. and is therefore one of your best friends. After all, there is no person or device that you interact with more than your phone.
Dave and Hal are total cell mates. That guy takes his phone with him with everywhere he goes - even the different rooms in his apartment!
by gtbarry August 17, 2009
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When two people talk or text on their cell phone endlessly but don't have a romantic or sexual relationship.
Is Harry porking Sally?
Nah, they're just cell mates, always texting. Her phone bill must be longer than my dick.
Speaking of, my Japanese gardner called, he wants his penis back. Snap!
by Professor Powers March 5, 2010
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