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cnm still runs shit, no matter what it stands for
by Big Robert December 14, 2004
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CNM Candy Necklace Mafia, dont be fooled by the soft name, CNM runs shit, Northside Syracuse NY!
news reporter: 5 people are dead after the candy necklace mafia struck at a local seneca savings and loan...
by Big Robert October 24, 2004
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the ultimate insult, reserved for the worst ppl, such as snitches
im going to kill that douchefairy who told the school cops that i had a knife and a picture of an enemy... bastard
by Big Robert December 9, 2004
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1) to kill someone, or get killed
2) to be on Pcp
1) this bitch stepped to me, so i dusted his ass

2) "he took on 5 cops like he was dusted to the eyeballs"
by Big Robert March 10, 2005
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when 2 people stand outside in the blistering cold and pull eachothers ears untill one admits defeat
by Big Robert March 5, 2005
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the normal weather for syracuse new york..
yea.. the weather really sucks here..
by Big Robert February 15, 2005
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licking someone across their face
like rick james did to that girl in that chapelles show episode
by Big Robert November 24, 2004
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