A place where it could literally be 70 degrees but then drop to 30 two hours later.
Person #1: Yo I went running outside this morning it was so nice out
*Person #2 looks out the window*


Person #1: Damn, we live in Syracuse what do you expect?
by yourlocalnewyorker February 24, 2018
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the city in central NY that disproves global warming
damn, i just got back from Syracuse, and i swear this global warming thing is a hoax
by the joshxcore January 20, 2009
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1. God's NCAA basketball team

2. A medium-sized city in upstate New York
Cuse is in da house!!!

"I need some kicks. Let's go check out Foot Locker at the Carousel Center."
by Lazarus Ciccone December 22, 2004
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The place that has the shittiest weather on earth. Also the most random weather.
Syracuse is either raining, snowing, or it's too shitty out to appreciate the weather.
by Sunny Angel October 24, 2009
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A city in Central New York which is home to SU and the Orange Basketball Team. Most alumni are from Long Island and New Jersey and can't wait to leave this town. It is the city with the most snowfall in the United States an average of 131 inches per year. Locals think this is something to Brag about. Even though this city is in New York State, the accents here carry a flat a sound as {salad} would be saylid. Not only do people not migrate here from New York City, Locals act glib about being from as they call it {New York} very well knowing Times Square is 295 miles from their doorstep. While many Syracusans root for the Yankees we are taught to dislike New Yorker's from the Tri State area because most State tax money goes to them and not us. We act like we've been to New York City many times but in Syracuse many means three. Syracuse has the New York State fair late every summer which contributes to the areas growing obesity problem with fast food vendor after fast food vendor. People in Syracuse disturbingly have no general interest in anything but Syracuse and we know not many places on earth are colder, more snowy and unsightly. Commerce in the area is well below the National average. This is a place where locals are embarrassed but blame everybody else for it's problems.
Syracuse. native, Hey you go to SU, where are you from?

Syracuse University Student, Long Island

Syracuse. native, Oh Ok(Under his breath), Damn x%u*@! Downstater

Syracuse University Student, I'm getting out of this hellhole as soon as I graduate
by Pierre Radisson December 22, 2009
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the hometown of legendary music artist Post Malone
I just got back from Syracuse and the music was incredible.
by lolmynameis April 28, 2018
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