1. God's NCAA basketball team

2. A medium-sized city in upstate New York
Cuse is in da house!!!

"I need some kicks. Let's go check out Foot Locker at the Carousel Center."
by Lazarus Ciccone December 22, 2004
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The place that has the shittiest weather on earth. Also the most random weather.
Syracuse is either raining, snowing, or it's too shitty out to appreciate the weather.
by Sunny Angel October 24, 2009
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Medium-sized city in central New York, suffering from doughnut syndrome (no real city in the middle) has university with good basketball and lacrosse, pitiful football, and a domed stadium named by Carrier that has no air-conditioning (great for winter, though).
Let's go to Syracuse to see the orangemen play some b-ball!
You un-pc a-hole, don't you know they're now called the orange?
That's harsh, dude.
by phildo1960 November 17, 2005
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A medium sized city in central new york. The well known Syracuse University is, obviously, located there. They have pretty decent basketball and lacrosse teams. The football team pretty much sucks though.
Joe: hey man, wanna go to the Dome later to catch some Syracuse football?
Bill: no way. im not wasting my money on that shiz.
by jweq0diwehtfuiet January 15, 2008
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