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The most talented rap band ever delivered to this Earth by God. The ones who speak for those who have not yet found their voice.
"This songs goes out to those with coke bottle glasses, all you lonely kids who were the last pick in gym classes. We got your back - detract your malefactors. All you up in the back, UNITE LIKE THUNDERCATS!" Preach on brothas!
by Big E June 12, 2003
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thats wut she was screamin when i fucked her hard
when i was bangin that bitch all she was screammin was ohhhh yeah!
by Big E April 23, 2003
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When you be actin' a fool. Acting crazy, gettin' all wild.
Damn, you drank 3 40s and started tossin' bar stools, you be foolin' playa.
by Big E November 17, 2003
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a gas that escapes from your pants without a sound. Usually catches people off guard and starts a gagging sensation.
Christ Jim...check your pants, those silent stalkers are making me gag.
by Big E October 30, 2004
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Dog turd's that are covered in their ass-fur. After they crust over, they make Chewbacca sounds when the lawnmower hits them.
Aw fuck! I ran over a wookey with the mower. *spit* The dust got in my mouth...Damn dog!
by Big E June 12, 2003
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A common meeting place where people are known to act a fool and get wild. Foolin' is another popular activity among those that gather here.
Yo, come on up to the Treehouse and act a foo with all yo cousins.
by Big E November 22, 2003
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place where rednecks down portier rd go to worship at least 6 times a day off,and where most people down the road bring there dates for the first kiss
jimmy bring'in monna to dat there stop sign.
by Big E October 16, 2004
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