When 3 out of 4 friends in a friend group have had sex, and the only virgin in the group of 4 feels left out.
Person A: “Oh did you see that ugly guy the other day?

Person B: “yeah he’s definitely in a 3/4 friend group, he’s the 4
by Vorckor96 August 25, 2019
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Part of the 1-2-3-4 Study Technique, repeating the 3-4-3 which is to beat off, take a nap, beat off again and go to class.
Dude,I'm gunna 3-4-3 then go to class.
Alright, have a good time man.
by Griff Geehan April 29, 2008
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It is a football term used to describe how you get into a crouched position hovering over a toilet bowl. This is due to a disgust for sitting on toilet seats. Be sure to put the seat up first with your foot.
I entered the shitter and discovered there were no paper seat covers. It don't matter cuz I get in my 3/4 Stance to fire off Scuds!
by will bitten March 7, 2017
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It’s the 3 4 McGregor. Needs no explanation. Is slightly different than the 1 2 Mayweather, but can be used together for extra emphasis.
Nasir: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you 3 4 McGregored the hell outta that!
Thomas: Hell yeah I did!
Sarge: Is that a thing? The 3 4 McGregor?
Otis: Boy, he oughta hit you with the 3 4 McGregor just for asking that, ya clown
by AT-ATLien January 17, 2018
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A middle stage of the creation of an erection, normally brought about by non-tactile means, which -- if mistaken for a completely flaccid penis -- would make one viewing the penis think the gentleman is exceedingly well-hung.
So she answers the door with some jean shorts on, and all of a sudden I have a 3/4 distorter in my pants.
by DonQuiKong July 20, 2011
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9 3/4 is the name of the train platform that any student attending Hogwarts School for Wizardry and Witchcraft. (Harry Potter series)
To get to Hogwarts, we have to use platform 9 3/4.
by i.am.groot. April 20, 2017
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damn when i got a lapdance i was sporting a 3/4 inch chub
by jon galasso August 18, 2003
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