What you say when someone rips a big fart, because they might have shit themselves.
"Dude, check your pants!"
by Illinois Joe December 26, 2005
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Phrase used to mock someone, usually an oponent, after they are beaten by an amazing display of skill in a sport, video game, competition, etc.

Refering to the "opponent" being so shocked and/or amazed as to have shit himself/herself
*lacrosse player with the ball jukes right, behind-the-back-split- dodges to the left, leaving his defense man lying on the ground in the wrong direction, and he rips a shot in the corner unopposed.

team yells to the defense: "Check your pants!"
by tehb October 12, 2007
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Is usually shouted at somebody who has done a terrible wet fart. Mainly in a crowded space like a lift, a meeting room or a class room.
by Frankletini November 11, 2010
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