7 definitions by Big Bob

1980's Glam rock/Hair metal from Japan.
Not quite new or revolutionary, just a hair metal band that formed after the whole hair metal era.
Tears is a great X-Japan song.
by Big Bob December 29, 2005
Possessing the facial qualities of an ugly man's ass.
One who resembles Tony Blair on television.
After my cousin got mutilated in a car accident, he's gotten a real assface.
by Big Bob March 21, 2003
The san fran-sisco treat!
Im going to go home and make some tastey rice a roni!
by Big Bob March 12, 2003
Getting called on the carpet, dressed down, or otherwise chewed out in a severe manner. Usually used in conjunction with "meetin'" (meeting)
He was late one too many times, so the old man dragged him in the office for a "come to jesus meetin'".
by Big Bob July 29, 2004
A large, heavy chevy vehicle, such as a caprice or a tahoe. First used in lyrics by camaflauge.
Ridin in my heavy chevy blowin on some wood.
R.I.P. Camaflauge
by Big Bob November 19, 2004