To say they were the most influential band in recent Japanese history would be a vast understatement.
by Bunny of Doom July 19, 2004
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X-Japan started out as a band called Noise. At the age of only twelve the leader of the band Yoshiki Hayashi and the vocalist and co-founder of the band Toshimitsu Deyama decided to form a band. Yoshiki being the great musician he is had begun to write lyrics and probably music at an even younger age. After his father commited suicide at age 33 Yoshiki wrote the song "Tears" for his father at the age of only ten. The song went on to become one of X-Japan greatest and most famous ballads.

In 1985 the band's name was changed to X. The first firm lineup of the band developed. The members at the time were Toshi on vocals, Pata and hide on guitar, Taiji on bass and Yoshiki on drums and piano. In 1985 the band released their first single "I'll Kill You" on Dada Records. X was known for visual kei (a music genre that involves feminine looks and obscure music) which was not praised during that time. Yoshiki founded his own record label EXTASY RECORDS in 1985 to ensure production for X (he gets even more amazing doesn't he?).

In 1988 the band's first album "Vanishing Vision" was released. This album brought into play some of the most recalled heavier songs for the band. Songs such as Phantom of Guilt and Sadistic Desire. It also brought to us the highly favorited rock ballad Alive. The band also made a cameo appearance in the comedy movie "Tokyo Pop" in 1988.

In 1989 X was signed to Sony Records and their 2nd album "Blue Blood" was released. This album provided Endless Rain which is likely the most famous of all of the band's ballads and possibly songs in general. Also it brought the song Kurenai another song on the most recalled list for this band. Other favorites brought about by this album included the rock n' roll hitter Celebration, the great depressive but beautiful song Rose of Pain, the pretty ballad Unfinished and another rock n' roll favorite from this band Weekend. There was also the Blue Blood Tour which was released on VHS and DVD.

Still under Sony Records the band released their third album "Jealousy" in 1991 which was the last album that featured Taiji on bass. This album brought about rock favorite Desperate Angel, ballad favorite Say Anything and rock ballad favorite Silent Jealousy. X also had its first live (the Jealousy tour) at the 55,000 seat stadium Tokyo Dome. This tour was released on VHS and DVD as well.

In 1992 X changed it's name to what it is known as today X-JAPAN. They wanted to reach international fame. The final concert with Taiji the legendary "On the Verge of Destruction" tour was held at Tokyo Dome. X-Japan became the first ever band to sellout the Tokyo Dome for three days. Taiji was replaced by Heath after he and Yoshiki had an arguement over musical differences. He moved on to Loudness and has recently begun work with a band he started called Cloud Nine (YAY for Taiji ^_^).
In 1993 on Atlantic Records X-Japan released the album Art of Life. This album contained only one track. The 29 minute various musical themed song Art of Life. This song contains some of (if not) the most beautiful lyrics Yoshiki has ever written. It contains four guitar solos and a seven minute piano solo.

In 1994 hide released his first solo album "Hide Your Face". This marked the beginning of solo works for the members of X-Japan. Pata, Heath and even Toshi started solo projects. In 1996 X-Japan released "Dahlia" their final album. It brought the lasts of the favorites. Ballads like Tears, Forever Love, and Longing ~Togireta Melody~ and rock n' roll hitters like Scars, Drain and Rusty Nail. It brought us another tour the Dahlia Tour Final to VHS and DVD.

On December 31, 1997 X-Japan held its final live at the Tokyo Dome. The concert was simply called "The Last Live" and was released on DVD. The members have since then focused on solo projects. hide has gone to the heavens now due to accidental suicide on May 2, 1998. 50,000 fans attended his funeral five days later on May 7th. Four people attempted suicide, two succeeded. X-Japan now Toshi, Yoshiki, Pata and Heath performed Forever Love at his funeral. Taiji came to see his friend off to the afterlife in a shocking but beautiful act of respect and morality.
by theXJAPANfan January 17, 2007
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one of the best bands in japan ever. literally, they revolutionized japans music style
by Anonymous August 2, 2003
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The best band ever to grace this planet! Hide R.I.P you will live forever in our hearts!
yoshiki possibly the best drummer ever

by shortfatwoman January 4, 2005
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X-Japan originally formed in 1982 as X. It was made up of Toshi on vocals, and Yoshiki on drums. In 1987, hide joined on guitar, Pata on guitar, and Taiji on bass (he was later replaced with Heath). They were one of Japan's first Visual bands, and one of the most popular. In 1992, Taiji left to be replaced by Heath, and they renamed themselves X-Japan. In 1994, hide still remained in X-Japan, but went solo. In 1997, X-Japan sadly disbanded. In 1998, hide died of suicide.
Yumi: "Did you get X-Japan's new mini-album yet?"
Tsuki: "You mean Art of Life? Yeah, I love it! One 30 minute song!"
by Toastie-Chan March 20, 2005
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A pretty good rock band. Sound something like old school. Surprisingly these guys can sing in pretty good english. I favorite song by them is Drain (aka What's Up Mr. Jones?)
by zEn Ma$tA May 10, 2005
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1980's Glam rock/Hair metal from Japan.
Not quite new or revolutionary, just a hair metal band that formed after the whole hair metal era.
Tears is a great X-Japan song.
by Big Bob December 29, 2005
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