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A rare species of eagles. Ball eagles can appear suddenly at any given time. Ball Eagle exist to attack only men(not women). Ball eagle will purposely attack your balls if you're not careful. Ball Eagle can fly 1745% faster than the maximum speed of an original bald eagle. Ball eagles fly at full speed, without delay or hesitation, directly into your balls.
Josh and I was flying kites one day. Suddenly, a ball eagle flew straight into Josh's balls hence destroying his family jewels.
by BenchMax345 February 29, 2008

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To think that everything is bulletproof without a single doubt. Lockdown Browser was thought to prevent students from cheating while taking an online test. Powerfully, virtually every individuals who live in the U.S. owns a digital camera. Next, we all can film all the test questions. Although Lockdown browser can be used for Mastering Chemistry, Math Compass, and other shit, IT proudly became gay and manipulate and directed the algorithm to only D2L. To simplify, the term Lockdown Browser can be use for someone who thinks he/she has hope, but his/her hopes always shatter in tragedy.
Emo: I think I'm going to pass Calculus and Spanish with an A. I'm so happy that I'm going to cut my sad long hair.
Balla: Quit being a Lockdown Browser, you failed all your test and expect to pull off an A in those courses? Why don't you get your mom dildo out of your dickhole ya faggot.
Emo (singing): "Cut my wrist and black my eyes."
by BenchMax345 February 07, 2008

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alias: Techno Viking
Keith Jardine is Techno Viking...currently a UFC fighter.
by BenchMax345 May 07, 2009

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People who follow the retard ideologies. Retardationalism is usually used by midlife crisis, high school students, and ADDs to gain attention in class. Retardationalism is lead by Hillary Clinton. R-tards are the people who follows the concept of Retardationalism.
I will purposely fail my test today because I follow the concept of Retardationalism.
by BenchMax345 February 24, 2008

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This move can only be pulled off by young single mom (ages between 16-23). Atomic Lotus occurs when a single mom decided to let the grand parent (assuming they both are still alive) baby sit the little ones at night. Afterward, when the baby decided to go to sleep, the mother will go out and party or do what she wants.
There's a big party going on tonigh; I'm going to drop an Atomic Lotus tonight.
by BenchMax345 March 07, 2009

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w^5 is read as w to the fifth. w^5 is translated to "which was what we wanted."
David: We got the answer to be 56 cm cube. Now, I'm going to check the answer...and it is 56 cm cube... w^5 BOOYAH!
by BenchMax345 February 08, 2009

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Someone who severely procrastinate and loses their amenity of procrastinating; therefore, the heavy procrastinators become pro at crastinating.
David: Mr. Goodger, I'm going to procrastinate on my Trig and Pre-AP Physics test. I'm good at procrastinating.
Mr. Goodger: Be careful David, if you procrastinate too much, you will lose your amenity become a pro at crastinating. In other word, pro-crastinating.
David: Ha! whateva, da crew n i r goin' driftin' at da zoo!
by BenchMax345 March 20, 2008

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