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This is the proof that violate the second law of thermodynamic. Chuck Thermodynamic can make liquid nitrogen go into an exothermic process at release infinite joules of heat to crush an opponent. Chuck Thermodynamic can only be pulled off by Chuck Norris himself. Chuck Norris can use ice to increase the temperature of the sun. Theoretically, Chuck Norris is consider "the system" who will give off infinite heat to "the surrounding" which, in this case, is the universe. Eventually, the universe will burn up and our existence will be null.
Chem Student: We don't have gas for the bunsen burner.
Chuck Norris: I will punk the ice to some heat with the power of Chuck Thermodynamic!
Chem Studnet: wtf?
(Chuck Norris cause 1E90 Joules of explosion in the Chemistry lab.)
by BenchMax345 February 15, 2008
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Mid-life crisis (MLC, not to be confused with TLC) is a very common among people ranging from 30-50 years of age. In every aspects of our lives, mid-life crisis finds its voice through every passage of our lives. People with mid-life crisis falsely believed that they are young (from ages 15-25). They drive a Corvette, Mustang, and other sports vehicles. On a daily basis, people with mid-life crisis can be discovered/hunt down on regular college campuses. People with mid-life crisis can be best described by using the term-"middy-life." Middy-lifes have an untrammeled desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness and horniness. The effects of mid-life crisis can lead an individual to evolve into a pedo bear.
If you are 30 years old or older, then you are a mid-life crisis.
by BenchMax345 May 10, 2008
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An submission move that forces a person to tap out. This procedure involve, firstly, smacking someone's face flat on the floor. Next, you reach for their foot(left or right), grab it, and twist the fuck out of it. This will cause a drastic pain in the ankle portion. Eventually, the person will either tap out or allow their ankle to be snap. It' America, Freedom of Choice: Tap Out or Snap. Angle Lock was a special move by Kurt Angle.
Vy tapped out due to an Angle Lock.
by BenchMax345 March 4, 2008
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Someone who does not have a valentine. They seek hope, but they face a severe beat down. Although this symptom temporary, it may lead to a catastrophic event.
Friend: Who's your valentine?
Me: No one, I'm Valentineless.
Friend: Oh.
by BenchMax345 February 14, 2008
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A brute attack that consist of the attacker flying in the air at 3.00*10^8 m/s. While flying, the person body will build of a deadly electricity(40 kilo amperes) and strike his/her opponent(s). This attack is unavoidable. Mega Psycho Crusher is a "one-hit kill." Mega Psycho Crusher is an equivalent of an output of 40 grams of Chucktanium energy. Mega Psycho Crusher is also an occupation that help provide funeral service hence bringing the dead body down to ashes.

Funeral Service Provider: I'm sorry for your loss.
Over Sensitive Chick (Crying): I wish he could live another 190 years; he's to young to die.
Funeral Service Provider: He served his time. We can not let his body freeze in the harsh blizzard any longer. Your soul will survive through this lonely winter...I promise.
Over Sensitive Chick (Crying): WTF, what are you intending to do? Tell Me! (So emotional)
Funeral Service Provider: Listen! he served his time; it's time to end your misery...MEGA PSYCHO CRUSHER!! (velocity increase; endothermic process "catapultulate."
Over Sensitive Chick (Crying and shouting): NOOOOOOO!
(BOOM!, the corpse is now reduce down into ashes)
Funeral Service Provider: RIP.
(Since Mega Psycho Crusher travel at the speed of light, The Over Sensitive Chick screaming sound can't travel as fast in comparison. Hence, the logic fits perfectly: When summon, Mega Psycho Crusher can't be stop, regardless.

by BenchMax345 February 25, 2008
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Someone who severely procrastinate and loses their amenity of procrastinating; therefore, the heavy procrastinators become pro at crastinating.
David: Mr. Goodger, I'm going to procrastinate on my Trig and Pre-AP Physics test. I'm good at procrastinating.
Mr. Goodger: Be careful David, if you procrastinate too much, you will lose your amenity become a pro at crastinating. In other word, pro-crastinating.
David: Ha! whateva, da crew n i r goin' driftin' at da zoo!
by BenchMax345 March 20, 2008
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