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A place where you have OVER 9000 percent chance of having sex or losing your virginity. Cancun is a place where you can be drunk 25/7, not 24/7. It is place where alcohol is available everywhere you turn to. Nobody down in Cancun will ID you. In fact, nobody gives a shit. However, going to the airport with a hangover can be a bitch and a half.
I went to Cancun and a lot happened ;)
by BenchMax345 February 23, 2009

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An abundant liquid that is very addicting. Everyone, including Chuck Norris, need this type of particular chemical in them, daily. Water is consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It's very addicting compare to other drinks. Alcohol comes in second against the legendary water. No one can survive without this common "chemical." Water is an essential part of life. Our body is made up of 98% of this addicting chemical. Water can be either sell legally or illegally.
**Diffy EQ**
David: Dr. Tang, may I get a drink of water.
Dr. Tang: No.
David: I need my common daily chemical or I'll die.
Dr. Tang: Sure.
**David at Chick-fil-A**
David: I want the ultimate meal.
Manager: Alrighty, what would you like to drink?
David: Water...the essence of life...
Manager: But you get free coke with "the ultimate meal."
David: God dammit sir! I just want my water!
by BenchMax345 February 20, 2008

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An alternative, yet unconstitutional, form of birth control. This procedure is usually pulled of by rednecks. Falcon Punch is where an individual punch with an intensive amount of force to cause a tragic miscarriage. Falcon Punch is the number one causes of miscarriage, unfortunately. Falcon Punch can be used to punch a fist up a women's uterus and cause a high level damage; it is most affective when the person on offense yells "Falcon Punch!" No one, besides Chuck Norris, can achieve Falcon Punch without shouting the attack name. By yelling the attack name at infinite decibel, your fist will shoot up on fire thus causing a much higher severe level of damage. Favorably,Falcon Punch is avoidable. When you hear someone scream "FALCON," it is not too late to escape the "punchline." This attack was champion by Captain Falcon(from the Super Smash Bros game).
Eve: Adam, I'm pregnant.
Adam: Oh, sweety I'm so happy! I'm going to be the best...FALCON PUNCH!!!!!(right in the uterus).
by BenchMax345 February 24, 2008

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Someone who surpass the capability of an alcoholic. To be a drunkaholic, you must not only be addicted to alcohol, but you must be addicted to getting extremely wasted. Drunkaholic can only be mastered by a few individuals on this planet. To be a drunkaholic, you must drink at every parties; furthermore, you must drink everyday. Drunkaholic remain drunk 24/7 to avoid a hangover.
**At the farm**
D-Unit: I want my Hpnotic and Crown Royal.
B-Unit: Dude, no more drinking for you. I don't want to have a drunkaholic as a friend.
D-Unit: Boo hoo.
by BenchMax345 March 01, 2008

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Someone who does not have a valentine. They seek hope, but they face a severe beat down. Although this symptom temporary, it may lead to a catastrophic event.
Friend: Who's your valentine?
Me: No one, I'm Valentineless.
Friend: Oh.
by BenchMax345 February 14, 2008

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Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC). This word can be use in place of retard, moron, dumbass, and any negativity word use to describe a living or non-living things. OSU-OKC ridiculously have a lock down browser while students and staffs can use a cam to film all the test questions and answer. More than 34% of the students are taking Intermediate Algebra and below. More than 46% fail College Algebra and below. Although some people are 4.0 GPA students, the fact is that we take easy class. Therefore, if you make a B at OSUOKC, then you're a retard. Furthermore, 60% of the students are computer illiterate
At Aspen gym: Ashley was rushing across the basketball court dribbling the ball at "Chuck Norris" speed. 3.14159 seconds later...She trip over the basketball. I said "Ashley, quit being an OSU-OKC.
Student #1 (at age 30 i.e. midlife crisis): Dude, how to you solve this?
Student #2: Like whoaaaaa (with both hands up in the air) x^2-6x+9=0??? solve for x???? Let me take it to my remedial math teacher in middle school.
by BenchMax345 February 01, 2008

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Mid-life crisis (MLC, not to be confused with TLC) is a very common among people ranging from 30-50 years of age. In every aspects of our lives, mid-life crisis finds its voice through every passage of our lives. People with mid-life crisis falsely believed that they are young (from ages 15-25). They drive a Corvette, Mustang, and other sports vehicles. On a daily basis, people with mid-life crisis can be discovered/hunt down on regular college campuses. People with mid-life crisis can be best described by using the term-"middy-life." Middy-lifes have an untrammeled desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness and horniness. The effects of mid-life crisis can lead an individual to evolve into a pedo bear.
If you are 30 years old or older, then you are a mid-life crisis.
by benchmax345 May 10, 2008

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