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- an animated bear who is a pedophile.
Damn, those Loli pics you sent me are great...pedo bear approved man!
by sergT March 15, 2008
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An inside joke of a smiling, pedophiliac bear who hunts down children and rapes them. Often seen behind or running towards children in photos. His origin is thought to be 4chan, board /b/
Did you see that guy? looks like pedobear to me!
Hey, doesn't Smokey the Bear look a bit like pedobear?
by tailspike November 28, 2009
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A cartoon bear who is a pedofile, he only goes for people 12 and younger. He also showed up on the Olympics for one country because they mistook him for one of the mascots, but I forgot which one. He circulates the internet and will never go away.

He is coming for you.
Child1: Hey look, that bear is giving away candy!
Child2: It even says so on that truck he's driving!
Child1: Ok, lets go!
Mother: NOOOOO! Honey, call the cops, pedo bear just stole the kids!
by a mysterious stalker June 07, 2010
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A cute and comforting guy who loves to baby sit and play with youngsters
Have you seen my younger sister lately?
She's at Pedo bear's, relax.
by pbear14 May 07, 2013
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A creepy bear that likes his woman the he likes his wine. 7 years old and mixed up with coke. He repeadedly stalks down little girls and goes to town with them without permission.:) He is a huge threat to our children and is very dangerous to Japanese anime girls.
My little sister came home from school covered in blood and sperm. She then got pregnant and had a litter of bear/human babies. They always got in trouble raping small animals. We then did a test to find out who the father was and it miraculously was Pedobear.
by iampedobear April 05, 2009
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Used by the common "pedo's" on hentai lolikon boards.
The character "pedo bear" usually describes their dreams as they love to do the same as he does, only thing left is to digitalise yourself.
Pedo bear's sign of approval!
~YAY, I want that pic, pedobear approved!! :D
See 4chan
by Xen-Ava February 10, 2005
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That one fuzzy animal you think is cute until he makes forced fucky on you.
Pedobear: ASL? LOL
teengrl34: 13/f/TX
Peodbear: ORLLY? LOL
teengirl34: RLLY.
PedoBear: PedoBear Approves!
by OMGWTFBBQ!!!??? February 04, 2010
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