11 definitions by Believe in Me

01. To forget something.
02. No longer affected by a past event.
03. I find someone new, I'm over you, I'm over it.

I don't feel anything anymore, if you think I'm still hating you (or loving you), dudette I'm over it!
John: I'm over you
John: I'm over it!
by Believe in Me April 27, 2004
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Buffalo that had wings, they are able to flap and fly high then drop their shit on your sorry face as you stare in awe and go "that buffalo had wings!!!" like duh it's chicken wings!!
Whoever: Do you know what's a buffalo wing?
Jessica Simpson: Oooh my I didn't know buffalo had wings??
by Believe in Me April 08, 2004
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It's tuna like the above person had said, if you think chicken of the sea is a chicken that can swim, you need to run through the garden and commit suicide in front of all the orchids. Seriously.
Rosemary: Can I have "chicken of the sea" please?
Waiter: What's that? Is it a chicken that can swim, then no sorry ma'am we only have tuna sandwiche and chicken chop
Rosemary: Why you $%#^%$^$&^&^ Barrrgh!!!
by Believe in Me April 07, 2004
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Idiotic online slang to represents something is greater than something..
Cats > Dogs
Me > You
STFU > Shut Up
Internet Lingo > World
I don't understand this anymore > OMG
by Believe in Me January 23, 2007
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In a magazine article, Avril proclaimed, "I don't write 'Oh-baby-baby' songs". And what about Losing Grip. "Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby" oh what a contradictor. Avril means

A - Avril
V - Virginity
R - Recently
I - Is
L - Lost

^ because she fucked a lot, and brainwashes the world with her nonsense attitude that should be burnt in a basin of Hellfire (aka Eternal Damnation). May whoever who creates this puppet blesses its soul.. um it doesn't have one in the first place
Anna: Hi I recently "Avril"
John: What are you talking about?
Anna: Anna Virginity Recently Is Lost
John: My bad!

See also fake, get a life, originality please and fake oh yeah posuer so French :)
by Believe in Me April 05, 2004
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The one and only character who thinks he's everything and nothing else matters, hates Spongebob with a passion of 99,999 fiesty monks.

Squidward is not realistic, he's too dull to realize the truth and only makes a fool of himself. Like one example when was asked to do nothing (in the ep "Club Spongebob") he ran around in the forest only to end up back to where he first started. Dude he got a sausage-like-cock hanging between his eyes.
Why am I surrounded by loser neigbors :(
by Believe in Me April 24, 2004
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Sometimes "fan-art" but either way they have one and the same meaning, any art expressed through the means of digital creation, usually made with screencaptures from television shows (Buffy, whatever) or anything popular, if you're going to make some fanart (or fan-art) then Photoshop is the way to go, for Paint Shop Pro limits most of the user's creativity with the oh-not-so amazing tools. Which Jasc claimed to be new and greatly improved.
by Believe in Me April 08, 2004
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