A great PS2 Stradegy RPG. With amazing music and gameplay. It can be recommended to any anime or RPG fans out there, if you do not pick up this awsome game you will regret it!
Did you hear Disgaea came out for PS2? Lets go buy it!
by Alex May 16, 2004
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1. An anime-style tactical RPG for the PlayStation2. It is about a young demon-child named Laharl, who, wants to become overlord due to his father's death.

2. A game similar to La Pucelle, which, was released two years earlier in Japan than this game.

3. Based on the Marl Kingdom games and Nippon-Ichi.
No examples to be given.
by Justinee August 18, 2004
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The game that was made after La Pucelle: Tactics but was released first then La Pucelle (also means The Virgin in French if I'm not mistaken) similar to Final Fantasy Tactic, only advanced, only thing I can complain is there isn't much of a world map it's always the castle, Phantom Brave better be good!
I am the Overlord because the game you're playing is not much of a story-based genre it's all over the place :\
by Believe in Me May 17, 2004
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