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1. What happens to your head when it is hit by a perplexing geometric figure.
2. The catch-phrase of Strong Bad Zone
Your head a splode.
by Beaker February 10, 2004

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a person who likes/has sex with a person of very young age. ie 8. And also has copious amounts of knuckle hair.
"Chris the filthy rockspider. she is so young she cant understand what she is doing to her is wrong."
by Beaker November 14, 2004

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A phrase meant to convey proof of the fact that a form of sexual congress with a woman was so recently enjoyed as to leave a lingering scent upon the man's "active" fingers. See fingering.

Generally accompanied by a hand gesture consisting of the index and middle fingers of one hand extended together and held out under someone's nose.

Can be abbreviated STS in emails.
Whatever monkey, I took that girl home right after you guys left the bar. Come on, smell that shit!
by beaker April 19, 2005

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(verb) wearing a flamingo beak over one's nose, and dawning a pink boa, pink tophat, pink vest, and a pink cane. After this is accomplished the individual goes over to a females hpuse and demands that she hands over the lesbian tape of her and her friends.
Bob had no other choice but to do the flamingo in order to gain access to the smutty lesbian tape
by beaker June 01, 2003

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bad breath
Dude, what's that lurr? It makes me wanna puke?

The teacher had whiskey lurr from the shots she took over her lunch break.

I'm usually lurrin' the morning after a night of hard drinkin'.
by beaker October 19, 2003

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To be drunk out fo one's mind.
"Dude I'm so horned after I drank those 12 beers."
by Beaker February 22, 2004

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Acronym for the phrase "Smell That Shit".
Got laid last night. STS.
by beaker April 19, 2005

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