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theis is when you want to come back as someone from the past instead of being reincarnated as someone in the future, cause the future don't look so good...
I want to be preincarnated as Dean Martin, he got all the chicks and never had to be sober!
by Barkeep77 November 11, 2010

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a name given to a pet dog just so when it gets loose you can scream "come stain"
damn dog jumped the fence again, i'll get him, "come stain"!
by barkeep77 July 10, 2010

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this is one horny mofo who will try to screw just about anything, a goat, car, shoe, jar of mayonaise, apple pie...
stiffler got his dick caught in an oboe, thats try sexual.
you so try sexual the crack of dawn aint safe.
by barkeep77 February 04, 2010

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cool japanese sounding name for your pet dog but in reality it is D O G phonetically.
what's your shitzu's name? diojii, I got him in tokyo, he's a pure bred. people have actually used this name, thats how I found out about it.
by barkeep77 July 09, 2010

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baby dick syndrome
it's from the movie scary movie, the jock has BDS and a picture is shown, it's of a fully grown man with a baby sized dick
by barkeep77 July 09, 2010

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a traitorist is a terrorist that is of American birth. an American who turns against his own country and carries out tarrorist acts. I guess he doesn't have to be American, could be any countries problem.
The dude from Wikileaks is a traitorist and should be dealt with as such, do we still have firing squads in the US??
by Barkeep77 December 10, 2010

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