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When your fucking a girl doggy style, slip out quick spit in her asshole, then ram your cock into her ass as hard as you can. and thats the sunken battleship my friends.
by Baker November 2, 2003
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An eccentric little rock band known for some of their bizarre, macabre music. And for their leader singer-the amazing Danny Elfman. Before he wrote half the soundtracks in the world (Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas) Danny Elfman led himself this little rock band called Oingo Boingo. Actually they weren't so little; in fact, the eight-man band boasted one of rock's finest horn sections in addition to Elfman's devilishly good, often humorous songs. Elfman is in perfect vocal form, leading the combo through their biggest hits, including 'Wierd Science' (which put Elfman on the soundtrack path) as well as Boingo chestnuts "Fool's Paradise" and the infectious, macabre title track to Dead Man's Party!
Dead Man's Party is one of Boingo's finest hours, melding their whacked-out mix of XTC, Frank Zappa, and Tower of Power with a genuine pop sensibility.
by Baker December 22, 2003
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Have a friend hide in your closet when you are fucking a girl doggystyle, Pull out, Spit on her back so she thinks you got off, She turns around, Blow in her face, Your friend that is hiding in the closet, jumps out and punches the girl in the face.
by Baker November 2, 2003
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a breathing dragon is when you smack a girl in the back of the head during a blowjob as you "climax"
I gave my wife a breathing dragon and now I sleep on the couch.
by Baker November 20, 2004
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1.) The makers of shitty college food.
2.) Cause of the run and projectile vomit.
"I just ate Aramark." "Oh dude, you better clean that up!"
by Baker May 27, 2004
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He think he got jokes, I'm bout to bake em.
by Baker November 5, 2003
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the 'internet elite' or the 'cyber elite'
also a software cracking group:
"Who are the 'digerati' and why are they 'the cyber elite'? They are the doers, thinkers, and writers who have tremendous influence on the emerging scene revolution
by Baker October 6, 2003
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