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Amanda: I'm gonna beat you up man are you dumb?!?!

Me: fam bake yh.
by Osav.14 March 14, 2020
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Form of the last name of Baker. Nickname for someone who smokes a lot of marijuana and/or is generally baked in their daily life.
Did you talk to Bakes today? He doesn't have any idea what is going on.
by Harsh_Kumar February 24, 2008
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Northern Irish slang for mouth or the whole face.
You've a bake on ye like a question mark!

Bake buckled clean off ye, crazy-face!
by clarkekentyboy April 21, 2009
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common slang in ireland for the word 'mouth'. mostly used as part of an insulting sentence. comes from the word 'beek', like a pigeon's beek. could also be prounounced 'baik'
'here, mate, i'll do your knees in'

'shut you your bake'
by Mark the Shark May 21, 2004
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