being funny
You knoe I got jokes man.
by d-shiznit July 1, 2003
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This is a term that someone, in a sentence, uses typically to express his Disillusionment, Dismay, Disenchantment, Disapproval, or Disappointment, regarding another person's using A Turn of Humour at the detriment & expense (Maliciously or Innocuously) of another person/entity -- usually, the one who felt compelled to invoke "Got Jokes" is the one who had been Punk'd by That Uttered Joke; though, there are some times when the person who is using "Got Jokes" may be invoking It, as a matter of Defense, on behalf of another person/entity who was the actual recipient of this errant Turn of Humour.
Example 1---

person 1: "Aww, man... ...I _need_ to go on ahead and just get this AIDS Test done, for R'il/for R'il! I'm damn near out my fuckin' mind, worryin' about whether I got It, or not!"

person 2: "Aw, yeah, man.. ..I recommend you get Dat Shit as soon as possible."

person 1: "I know/I know.. ..I mean, I don't wanna be like *your* Skankin' Ass, 'n' shit!"

person 2: "Oh yeah? I see. so, You **Got Jokes,** huh?"

person 1: "yeah I do, muh|fucker -- yeah, I do. you know i still love You, though, Dawg."

person 2: "hm. do you love me like the way you loved that Chimpanzee, earlier last week?"

person 1: ". . . . ."

person 2: ":-). you see, I **Got Jokes,** too."

person 1: "yeah; and, in a few more moments, you're gonna **Got My Foot** in your arse, as well!"

person 2: "l.o.l."

Example 2---

***Rock|Rock*** (8:28:58 p.m.): oh for Fuck's Sakes: i swear, the next time i hear George Dubya say "nook-kee-lur," i'ma send the sum|bitch a **Hooked On Phonics** Tape! my fucking god, man..

SoooOnPoint (8:30:07 p.m.): Yeah. Seriously. I personally am not able to surmise just how it was that a person of such apparent limited-intellectual capacity was able to land such a high-power job, as The Presidency, in the first place. He, himself, must have been giving some blowjobs, under desks, or something.

SnVnPnC (8:30:17 p.m.): lolz

Repub4Lif (8:31:22 p.m.): so u mother fucken libbies got jokes bout out prezidant or sumthin huh//?

well youall can go suck a fat1 an dye you freeedom hating bastards!11!!!1!

***Rock|Rock*** (8:32:45 p.m.): aww.. ..isn't It cute? a Red|Neck Bum|Fuck attempting to communicate with us as if he were A Human.

let us observe this Mystical Creature -- he may try "communicating" one more time.


Repub4Lif (8:34:01 p.m.): FCUK U SCUM SUCKNG COMMEE!!1!1!!!

SoooOnPoint (8:35:58 p.m.): :-). Yes, of course. Using the profane as a point of refuge, when this animal has no actual intelligent manner of disputing what it is we are saying. Somehow, I am not surprised by this, at all.

***Repub4Lif has exited the room***

SnVnPnC (8:36:10 p.m.): thank god!!
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When someone asks you to do something totally absurd to the point were you think they are joking.
"Timmy's got jokes if he thinks I'm going to sell him my $3000 rims for $500 bucks!"
by MP$40 February 22, 2006
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Response for when someone says something they thought was really witty, when in fact, it was not.
Jeff: Can anyone guess what song this is?
Sarah: Your mom's song!
by Pants of Randy July 5, 2006
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Response for when someone says something they thought was really witty, when in fact, it was not.
Jeff: This song is about hope
Sarah: This song's about your mom!
Justin: Someone's got jokes!
by the pants of randy July 8, 2006
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