11 definitions by Badger

A small, but polite fart from your vagina quiff
by Badger June 10, 2004
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Ugly woman you wouldn't touch with somebody else's. See minger
Christ, she's a bit of a gipper.
by Badger July 29, 2003
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The word used to define the movie industry in India. Derived from "Hollywood", combined with the "Bali" from the Bali Film Commission, which has both coined and copyrighted the term.
All these actors are indian... and I can't understand a word they're saying... it must've been made in Baliwood!
by Badger September 1, 2004
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A really, really smelly fart, usually caused by drinking a lot of alcohol.
I just dropped a dead badger
by Badger June 10, 2004
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To have sex with someone, to give them the beans.
I'm gonna give Gemma the beans on Saturday.
by Badger January 29, 2004
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Another movie for the Psuedo-intellectual 13 year olds to orgasm over. It is not as good as everyone claims, and half the time the people who think it is some cinematic masterpiece don't even get it.
omgz Donnie darko is the kewlest movie ever, look at my new frank the bunny t shirt iam so original lollerz
by Badger March 7, 2005
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