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A demonic, imaginary rabbit seen by Donnie often in the movie "Donnie Darko." Told Donnie to burn things, destroy things, etc. in order to save the world. Donnie, by the way, was a victim of Schizophrenia. In the end, it turns out Frank is really a teenager who Donnie shoots, and comes back in the past as the bunny, which is a halloween costume. All very confusing.
Frank the bunny, evil imaginary rabbit-thing from Donnie Darko.
by Mr_Bacon June 27, 2006
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Frank The Bunny or simply Frank in the movie is a 6 foot tall bunnie rabbit that is a sort of a sidekick to the protagonist Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko is a troubled youth who ends up, with the help of Frank discovering time travel and saves the future.
Have you heard about "frank the bunny"?
by mothergalaxies October 16, 2015
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