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Stands for Future Ho's of America. Some little 12-17 yr old girl who thinks dat she is da shiznit. She walks,talks,dresses and acts like an extrere Ho.
Hey dawg, look at that F H A over there. She is gonna be one fine ass ho in a couple of years.
by BILLY July 12, 2004
Acronym for: As Soon As God Damn Mother Fucking Possible, Bitch.
I need those 1085 forms ASAGDMFPB!
by BILLY January 20, 2005
Vagina. Derogotary punjabi term to describe a womans genitalia.
Tera puda de vich me lun lagasa
by BILLY January 25, 2005
Underground female hip hop artist, "Radioactive Republicans" single.
by BILLY April 12, 2005
a person deservedly viewed as a fool, even if they are normal.
another stunt like that and hes hawklore
by BILLY October 22, 2004
The act of Rubbing ones hard penis against another man while in public. Usually occurs in subways
That guy just performed a furtage.
by BILLY March 19, 2005
Deriving from Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi meaning Penis.
Aaja mereh kaol noo, thaa mehra lun choosee
by BILLY January 31, 2005